Luxury Car Detailing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale


Island Car and Boat Detailing Miami and Fort Lauderdale


Exotic Sports Classic and Luxury Car Detailing Miami

Car Detailing Miami offers the premier mobile car detailing service in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. No matter whether you would like to detail your car for an exhibit, a show or just to make it stand out, we will come up with the most effective ways to make your vehicle truly amazing.

When you conduct thorough research on suitable car detailing products and services you will find that Swissvax and Meguairs are the leaders in the car detailing field.


Swissvax Car Detailing

With the help of effective car washing and car waxing products, including the European Swissvax, Car Detailing Miami and Fort Lauderdale can give your vehicle the sheen and luster that will make it look truly memorable.

Although the modern car detailing market features an infinity of products, each with its own special features and characteristics,  you have to make sure that you pick the right high-quality products and tools that will preserve your vehicle’s excellent condition for a prolonged time period.  As one of the companies specialized in effective Mobile Car Detailing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, we are committed to delivering optimal results and maintaining your vehicles in great condition.

Island Car and Boat Detailing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale


Meguiars Car Detailing

Island Car and Boat Detailing specializes in Luxury Car Detailing and Exotic Car Detailing in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, offering the premium car care products for your investment by Swissvax and Meguiars. The end result is only as good as the effort that you put in to the preparation of your treasured automobile.  Miami car detailing experts have years of  relevant experience and our attention to detail creates the basis for excellent results. Swissvax is a brand that features hand-made, world-renowned products that have been widely considered to be among the best waxes and car care detailing systems available.

Car Detailing Miami offers everything from basic car wash to a full-concourse car detailing. All Swissvax  and Meguiars car care products are known for their exceptional durability and outlast other car detailing products by a wide margin.

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